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1st Stop Performance is a professional rebuilding facility for Mazda rotary engines.

1st Stop Performance Offers High Quality Remanufactured/ Rebuilt Mazda Rotary Engines for ALL Mazda Rotary Applications and Many Custom Applications

(Full Installation And Performance Modifications Available)

Every stock engine is protected with complete warranties.  Optional extended warranties are available.  1st Stop Performance meets or exceeds every remanufacturing specification in the criteria book by Mazda.  Factory replacement parts are induced in every engine to ensure original quality and longevity.  Every engine is guaranteed to include new factory compression, oil, and cooling seals.  1st Stop Performance remanufactured Rotary engines are tested.   Locally owned and operated, combined with over 30 years of rotary engine rebuilding experience.           


Year and Model 

1970-1972 R-100                                                                                                                  Installation Available

1971-1973 Rx2/Rx3 

1974-1975 Rx2/Rx3 

1974-1975 Rx4 

1974-1978 Rotary Engine Pick up 

1976-1978 Rx4/Cosmo 

1978-1980 Rx7 

1980 EGR Rx7 Calif. 

1981-1982 Rx7 Std. Trans. 

1981-1982 Rx7 Auto. Trans.                                                                     

1983-1985 Rx7    

1984-1985 Rx7 GSL-SE   

1986-1988 Rx7 F.I. 

1987-1988 Rx7 Turbo 

1989-1991 Rx7 F.I. 

1989-1991 Rx7 Turbo 

1993-1996 Rx7 Twin Turbo 

2004-Present Rx8

External Gasket Set Included

With Any Remanufactured Engine Purchase

A typical external gasket set will include all necessary gaskets and o-rings  for  proper installation of original accessories to the remanufactured rotary engine. 

Some items sold separately.

Injector Seal Sets (Sold Separately)

1984-1985 Rx7 GSL-SE  INJ1

1986-1988 Rx7  INJ2 

1989-1991 Rx7  INJ3

1993-1996 Rx7  INJ4

Turbo Steel Exhaust Gasket Sets (Sold Separately)

1987-1988 Turbo  HRG2

1989-1991 Turbo  HRG3

1993-1996 Twin-Turbo  HRG4

E.G.R. Valve Gaskets (Sold Seperately)

1980 California Model   ERG2

1986-1988 Non-Turbo  EGR4

1987-1988 Turbo  EGR5

1989-1991 Non-Turbo  EGR6

1989-1991 Turbo  EGR7

1993-1996 Turbo  EGR8

Core Deposit

1st Stop requires a core deposit in addition to the purchase price amount  for the original engine core must be delivered to 1st Stop PRIOR to the release of any engine.  1st Stop reserves the right to retain any or all of the core deposit to any non-rebuildable parts of the return engine core.  In addition, the entirety of a core deposit will not be refunded if core is subject to tampering, returned late, disassembled, or does not meet identically to original engine sold.  The return engine core must be received within 45 days of original receipt of engine purchase otherwise full core deposit will be retained.  

1970-1985 Core Deposit    COR12  

1986-1991 Core Deposit    COR14

1993-1996 Core Deposit     COR16

2004-Present Core Deposit    COR18

Turned Flywheel

1st Stop will install a resurfaced flywheel which will meet original factory configurations upon   request to any engine block prior to shipping.  Flywheel works on a core exchange basis.  If a workable flywheel is not returned as exchange there will be an additional expense.  Inquire about additional performance flywheel and clutch options.  FLY1

Pilot Bearing and Seal

A new pilot bearing and seal can be installed into the back of the shaft of the engine on any manual transmission applications  prior to the delivery of the engine.  PIL2



12 Month/ Unlimited Mileage Warranty Standard*   

  24 Month/ 24,000 Mile Warranty*  WAR2


  (2 year Warranty Available Only With New Rotor Housings)


u The warranty agreement must be returned signed to 1st Stop within 15 days of engine receipt.

v Invoiced radiator rod-out, re-core, or new replacement is required prior to engine installation.    Radiator rod-out or re-core must be performed by a certified radiator repair facility to be valid.

w Invoiced oil cooler flush is required prior to engine installation.  Aluminum hot tank flushing is   required.  Oil cooler hardware should be inspected and replaced if necessary.

x Invoiced oil and filter replacement is required at 500 miles and 1500 miles on new engine.  1st Stop recommends the use of Castrol 20/50 or 15/40 oil viscosity for most engine applications.  Check factory recommendations for viscosity for your specific geographic area.

This Limited Warranty is offered to all 1st Stop performance customers. 

No exceptions to this limited warranty will be recognized by 1st Stop Performance


A. For used vehicles, this limited warranty shall cover only claims arising within the printed time and mileage coverage from the date of your limited warranty registration, whichever comes first.  This term shall commence and be computed from the mileage and date of installation as reported and certified by the installation station or three months from original invoice date, whichever comes first.

B. This limited warranty covers only privately owned passenger cars, vans, and pickup trucks with a Gross Weight of 6,000 pounds or less.  This warranty applies only to the basic engine block and internal parts of the exchange engine.  It does not cover vehicles used for commercial purposes, those used in agricultural or farming, vehicles used off public paved roadways, those vehicles modified or used in competitive events, or vehicles which differ from original manufactures use.  1st Stop's engine warranty liability is solely limited to the repair or replacement of the basic engine block and internal parts listed in the warranty card per original shipment and purchase order.  1st Stop shall not be liable for any incidental, special, consequential or exemplary damages or for any service not expressly provided for herein relating to or arising from the 1st Stop exchange engine.

C. This limited warranty does not cover claims which are the result of accidents, collision, careless or deliberate abuse, incorrect service or maintenance, quality problems or defects in manufacturing, improper installation of any part, or the failure to maintain the fluid levels of all systems as prescribed by the vehicles manufacturer.  It does not cover part failure as a result of normal wear, or where the part’s useful life expectancy has been exceeded.  1st Stop is not responsible for any additional cost incurred as a result of an engine failure, including without limitations, labor charges above maximum specified labor claims, shipping fees, diagnostic labor, auto rental, etc..  1st Stop reserves the right to invoice any customer for any additional expenses incurred during a warranty replacement which are not covered in 1st Stop limited warranty coverage.

D. This limited warranty does not cover claims incorporated into the vehicle manufacturer’s warranty or any extended service contract purchased from the vehicle manufacturer or any third party, or any other warranty/ guarantee covering any portion of the claim.

E. This limited warranty does not cover claims arising from or related to any condition, malfunction, or problem with the engineer any of the aforementioned parts existing prior to the registration of this warranty.

F. Labor claims are only valid when 1st Stop Performance completes the initial installation.  Hourly rates will be paid in accordance to original installation rates, not to exceed $600.00.  Labor claim amounts are assigned to original year and model applications regardless of specific use or application.  Labor claims are based upon authorized repairs at a rate not to exceed 100% of Mitchell’s Repair Manual’s published flat-rate schedule.  Maximum Labor Claims: 1970-1985 Carbureted models $400.00/ 1984-1991 Fuel Injected Non-Turbo models $450.00/ 1987-1991 Turbo models $500.00/ 93-96 Twin-Turbo models $600.00/ 04+ models $500.00. 

G. The maximum payment for all claims presented for the life of this limited warranty is $1000.00 per vehicle, or fair market value of vehicle, whichever is less. 

H. This limited warranty becomes void if vehicles ownership and/ or registration is transferred.

I. This limited warranty shall become void in any oil or fuel additive, or treatment is used during the limited warranty period.

J. This limited warranty does not extend the vehicle manufacturer’s warranty.

K. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you.  The limited warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state.


A. The limited Warranty Registration must be mailed to 1st Stop Performance within 15 days from the date of customer’s receipt of installation.

B. Invoiced radiator rod-out, re-core, or new replacement is required prior to engine installation.

C. Invoiced oil cooler flush is required prior to engine installation

D. Invoiced oil and filter changes is required at 500 and 1500 miles on exchange engine

E. The vehicle engine must be serviced with proper oil as prescribed in the applicable Owners Handbook, and the automobile manufacturer’s maintenance and service schedule is to be performed as outlined in the applicable Owner’s Manual.  All services referred to in section II must be performed by an automotive service center, commercial fast oil change facility, or auto dealer.  All facilities and individuals carrying out commercial work on your automobile must be licensed in the state of operation.

F. The engine oil in the vehicle must be changed in accordance with the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations for the oil type and driving conditions which apply.  However, at the very minimum, and regardless of that which is stated in the Owners Manual, the intervals between engine oil changes cannot exceed 4,000 miles or 4 months, whichever shall happen first.  The oil filter must be replaced, and the emission control system must be maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

G. The automobile must be state registered in the USA, including Alaska and Hawaii, during the entire period of this limited warranty.  All local, state and federal laws pertaining to inspections, emissions, and insurance must be adhered to for the entire period of this limited warranty.

H. If you make a claim under this limited engine warranty, you must provide HP Performance with acceptable evidence that all of the required services referred in Section II of this limited engine warranty were performed in accordance with this limited warranty.  In particular, you must provide copies of all service receipts, invoices, and repair orders which must reflect date and place of service, vehicle odometer reading, parts replaced or repaired and itemized charges for parts labor.

In the event of a claim, you must contact the seller of the exchange engine.  Prior to any warranty claim requests please contact 1st Stop Performance for technical support.  You must provide 1st Stop Import Performance with the following information:

1. A copy of your limited warranty agreement

2. A completed warranty claim application form

3. Copies of all receipts verifying maintenance and compliance with the terms of this limited warranty

4. Copy of the current vehicle registration card

5. Two completed statements of damage, stating the cause of damage and repair cost estimates

6. Copy of the extended service contract, and any other warrantees, if applicable.

7. Upon request, a sample of the engine oil in the crankcase at the time the claimed damage was discovered.

8. Upon request, all replaced parts

9. Proof of purchase of exchange rotary engine.

If the damage claimed is covered by this limited warranty, and all terms have been compiled with, the claim will be approved.  Payment will be made, after repairs are completed, in the amount equal to the specified labor claim or a fraction thereof, less any applicable deductible.  Claims must be submitted by registered mail within ten days of the date of the actual repair.


Shipping expense is an additional charge incurred from the delivery of an engine.  Special shipping rates are available from 1st Stop on a prepaid basis only.  1st Stop  is not responsible for shipping expenses incurred from the delivery or return of any remanufactured engine or exchange core.  1st Stop can aid in discounted shipping expensed incurred on the return core only when authorized shipping criteria is met.  1st Stop offers discounted rates on any prepaid freight charges.  Discounted air freight is also available.  Shipping times for delivery are based upon estimated working days from the day of shipment.

ABCDEF1st Stop

ABCDEF1st Stop

Truck Freight

Washington (Seattle Area)    Area A    FRE1

Washington, Oregon, Idaho (1-3 Day Delivery)  Area B    FRE2

Western half of U.S. (3-5 Day Delivery)  Area C    FRE3

Eastern half of U.S. (3-7 Day Delivery)  Area D    FRE4

Canada (2-10 Day Delivery)  Area E    FRE6

Outside U.S. & Canada  Area F    FRE8

Air Freight

1 Day guaranteed    AIR10

2 Day guaranteed    AIR20

2-3 Day        AIR30

3-7 Day    AIR50

Shipping rates are based upon the destination to the nearest shipping terminal or installing business address.  Consignee is       responsible for any additional charges incurred beyond basic service including extended distance from shipping terminal or major airport, additional delivery attempts, and lift gate access.

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